Just as the Klipspringer (rock-jumper buck) impresses with its agility when negotiating mountain ledges, the Klipspringer camper, with its quick mode of operation, rolls off your vehicle and back on with the greatest of ease.

The new Klipspringer gives you all the advantages of SUVs, camper trailers and vehicle-top tents without any disadvantages, especially those associated with towing!

  • Like a trailer, the Klipspringer not only gives you extra space but, very importantly, enables you to speedily separate the vehicle from its load of bedding and camping equipment, without all the hassles of a trailer.
  • The Klipspringer obviates the annoying getting in- and out of car doors or moving seats to get to equipment usually associated with SUVs (station wagons).
  • The Klipspringer provides a very convenient alternative to a vehicle as a base for a rooftop tent, freeing up the vehicle when needed. The Klipspringer provides excellent stability when used as a base for a bed, and remains undisturbed by someone turning in their sleep!
  • Decreased wind and roll resistance results in better fuel efficiency.
  • Decreased maintenance of brakes, tyres, lights and electrical wiring. No more expensive repairs to paintwork or rear windows from damage by ricocheting stones etc.
  • Decreased costs as no extra licence or roadworthy tests are needed.
  • Far easier reversing than with a trailer hitched to your vehicle.
  • No extra-length parking spaces needed.
  • No difficulty in passing other vehicles, especially trucks. Vehicle reaction time is not slowed down as it is with the extra length and wind resistance of a trailer. Trailer travelling becomes increasingly problematic after dark or in the rain or when the two combine.
  • Fuel consumption is not increased as is the case when pulling a trailer through muddy or sandy trajectories.
  • Trailers are often the cause of  vehicles becoming stuck in sand.
  • No difficulty in getting to the selected spot to park at a campsite, as thick sand or reversing are no longer a problem. Arriving after dark in an unlit camp with a trailer and then trying to do these manoeuvres on narrow pathways with trees all around is something that only very experienced drivers should attempt.
  • No danger of “jack-knifing” when trying to reverse. Many a holiday has been spoiled by every day having to view the result!
  • No tow bar to foul your clothes with oil and rust.
  • The Klipspringer is photo- and bird-watching friendly as you can quickly position the vehicle – no special care needed or time delay caused by watching out for the trailer.
  • All routes are open to you –the vehicle turns around easily on narrow roads sided with fencing, rocks, steep edges or ditches. (Some routes ban trailers and camper-trailers and some tour guides do not allow you to pull a trailer.)
  • Steep and meandering roads no longer mean missing out on some of the most  interesting routes.
  • No more worrying about whether the jockey was forgotten or not clamped down tight enough, etc.
  • No extra fees on toll roads or ferries.
  • No additional paperwork at border posts.
  • And lastly, but by no means least, should you encounter an irate elephant, you can simply reverse! No one has ever won the scramble going backwards with a trailer hitched to their vehicle! (See WEG magazine Sept 2009 page 12 for a classic example.)
Klipspringer roro camper

The Klipspringer brings you not only all the convenience of a trailer plus many more benefits but also succeeds in avoiding all the potential mishaps and serious risks associated with hitching a trailer.

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