The key feature of the Klipspringer is being able to relieve your vehicle of its heavy load quickly and easily and has many advantages:

  • It reduces the hassle of weekend trips - packing up on a Friday afternoon and unpacking on a Sunday. With the Klipspringer one can be packed beforehand and ready to go within minutes of arriving home from the office. Offloading happens just as quickly, freeing up the vehicle to be used for commuting.
  • Your equipment and baggage have their own  specific places that are  easily accessible.
  • Exploring is easy - without carting the weight of all your camping equipment around with you. Klipspringer allows you to roll off your load of roof tents, freezers, built-in veld kitchens, extra drawers, cupboards, water tanks, provisions, cool drinks etc. and use your vehicle while all your equipment is safely stored back at the campsite. This reduces the overall wear and tear on  your vehicle. Klipspringer creates the perfect win-win situation when some of the party want to relax at the campsite while others are off exploring. The less-adventurous can enjoy a book and get the kettle boiling, while others roam the mountain in the vehicle.
  • Once the Klipspringer has been rolled off, you can use the back of your vehicle as a base to pitch a small tent, keeping occupants away from damp or uneven or rocky ground, or dangerous crawlies and other unwelcome visitors!
  • If your vehicle develops problems and needs to go in for repairs, you can just offload all your equipment at an appropriate site and be self-sufficient until your vehicle is repaired.
  • Once at home again, the Klipspringer very easily rolls off the vehicle and with the assistance of the clip-on wheels,  can be pushed into storage, ready to be loaded again at a moment’s notice.
  • With a Klipspringer the tow bar remains free to hook up your boat or quad bike trailer.


Klipspringer roro camper

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